Carbon Monitoring for Nature Based Solutions

Measuring carbon stocks is important, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. We think that measuring carbon should be like monitoring cash-flow: you need to understand in-flows and out-flows on a regular basis, annual reviews just aren’t enough to optimise management.

So just like a cash-register measures financial flows and provides valuable insight into the health of a retail business, we’re developing a service that provides automated insights into the health of an ecosystem.


Measuring ecosystem health

Our technology measures flows of CO2 between an ecosystem and the atmosphere. We provide an “ecosystem monitoring as a service” approach which combines cutting edge hardware and specialist data processing, deployed and managed by Quanterra’s experts. This minimises hassle for our customers and partners, giving them more time to focus on ecosystem management.

We provide our customers with data at a temporal resolution that works best for them – ranging from 30 minutes to monthly. Alongside CO2 we provide information about other important indicators of ecosystem health including measures of water and energy exchanges. We’re currently exploring opportunities to extend our system to include other trace gases, such as methane.


We developed a prototype service as part of environmental research at University of Exeter, and founded Quanterra as a “spin-out” in January 2021. We’re now operating commercially, working with early-access partners to refine the system and enable deployment at scale.


Rebecca Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer

Connect with Beccy

Beccy’s wide and varied experience includes roles focusing on strategy, analytics, business development, knowledge transfer, and service development. She spent 6 years developing commercial weather and climate services for a range of sectors at UK Met Office, before moving to University of Exeter to focus on exploitation of environmental research for societal gain.

PhD Applied Mathematics
BSc Physics & Mathematics

Robert Clement
Chief Technology Officer

Connect with Robert

Rob has a PhD in micrometeorology and extensive experience designing and operating the core technologies used in our system. He’s worked in micro-meteorology for more than three decades, and amassed dozens of peer-reviewed publications based on field experiments across Europe and North America.

PhD Micrometeorology
MSc Agri Micrometeorology
BSc Meteorology

Timothy Hill
Chief Scientific Officer

Tim works part time for Quanterra, and part time for University of Exeter as an Associate Professor in Physical Geography. His primary research interests are in the impacts of land-use change on the carbon cycle, and land-atmosphere interactions. He’s focused on ensuring our systems and services have high scientific integrity and draw on leading insights from the research community.

PhD Land Atmosphere Interactions
MSci Physics & Astronomy


George – Ecosystem Monitoring Technician

George is a former British Army Avionics Technician with 4 years of experience working on the AH-64 Apache helicopter. He is now focused on development and build of Quanterra Systems in our Exeter workshop, and supporting Quanterra’s operational deployments in the field.

Reeba – Software Engineer

Reeba is a software engineer whose previous experiences include working as an IoT Engineer and Emerging Technologies researcher in Pakistan. She is focused on development of Quanterra’s data pipeline and processing infrastructure.

Kennedy – Remote Sensing Specialist

Kennedy specialises in use of remote sensing, particularly satellite imagery, to support ecosystem monitoring. Alongside her work at Quanterra she is completing a PhD exploring of ecosystem monitoring can support restoration projects – with particular focus on carbon balance and water use in Brazilian savanna ecosystems.

Songyan – Machine Learning Specialist

Songyan is focused on developing Quanterra’s use of machine learning and other numerical computational approaches in geo-data processing. Alongside his work at Quanterra he is completing a PhD focussed on development of technologies to support affordable ecosystem monitoring.

Russ Conser

Russ is a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur who spent 30 years at Shell – including leading Shell’s “GameChanger” innovation program.  He is now dedicated to scaling up proven regenerative agriculture practices to put carbon back in the ground.  He is currently President of The Grassfed Exchange and CEO of Standard Soil aka Blue Nest Beef. 



We’re working with commercial and academic partners to pilot our solution around the globe. If you’re interested in working with us, either as a partner, customer or investor, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch by email:

[email protected]